• David: Don't call me while I'm at church!
  • Adam: This is your home number.

I need that effin wutang shirt. holy cow.



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Exorcism Drops Today!

Exorcism is finally released today! You can download it from the HKO bandcamp or get the Cassette from Crash Symbols. Either way the large majority of your money is going towards feeding low income Philadelphians at risk of malnutrition of which %23 are children. 

This album was created over the course of 10 or so months where I was in and out of the hospital with various illnesses. The palette for the production of this album was a result of being too fatigued to get up and play my instruments most of the time. I had a cassette player that could play in reverse into my sampler, and a big box of cassettes that I’d found at thrift stores over the years. So I arranged a good deal of this album while laying in bed with an Sp-404

This album also has a b-side of remixes for all but one track. I personally think the remix side turned out better than the EP itself. Lushlife, Botany, Melting Season, Spirituals, and Golden Ages each made breathtaking reinterpretations. If you aren’t familiar with any of these dudes then you are missing out.

I hope you enjoy! The kind words and generous donations so far have truly warmed my heart. 

Lushlife remixes Power Animal

Philadelphia’s own Lushlife has graced our EP with a mind blowing remix that premiered on International Tapes today! You may recognize the original track which was featured on Altered Zones a hot minute ago. This song also features vox from HKO co-founder Paul North aka Sunnybrook!

Opening for TWDY at The Church 2/10/12

Tomorrow night yallz! We met these dudes when we opened for them at the Mohawk in TX a hot minute ago. Really breath taking post rock jams. Come hang. Buy tix here.



February 21st will mark the next HKO release “Exorcism” by Power Animal. This charitable release will be raising money for Philabundance, a Philadelphia based food bank. Listen to the title track here via No Fear Of Pop, as well as the Spirituals remix which premiered on FADER today!…

….and we’re back.

This has been one of the interweb sites of Power Animal that I have neglected for the past year or so. A lot of things have changed in that time, none of which has been documented here but rather here and also here. That being said I’m bout to get all up in dis mofo. Stay tuned.

Summer 2010 tour

3/24 Stroudsberg, PA - Eckhaus
3/25 Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Knecktie w/ The Ruby Suns, Toro Y Moi
3/26 Baltimore, MD - The Annex w/ Moss of Aura, Winks, Each Others
3/27 Washington, DC - Crab’s Claw
3/28 Greensboro, NC - Westwood Tavern w/ Hermit Thrushes
3/29 Greenville, NC - Tipsy w/ So Cow (Ireland) and Suckers (Brooklyn)
3/30 Charlotte, NC - YauHaus
3/31 Asheville, NC - Static Age Records w/ Ventricles
4/1 Knoxville, TN - Longbranch w/ Cool Runnings, Albees
4/2 Athens, GA - Farm 255 w/ Sea of Dogs
4/3 Atlanta, GA - Artichoke Bliss HQ w/ Snake Shark & The Broken Heart and The Back Pockets
4/4 Knoxville, TN - The Birdhouse Arts Center w/ Hello Shark
4/5 Nashville, TN - Little Hamilton Collective w/ Pineapple Explode
4/6 Little Rock, AR - Happy Fuckers Unite! w/ Hello Shark
4/7 Fayetteville, AR - Smoke & Barrel
4/8 Shreveport, LA - Dalzell House
4/9 Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves w/ Florene, FUR
4/11 Denton, TX - Gutterth Live Podcast
4/12 Denton, TX - The Majestic Dwelling of Doom
4/13 Norman, OK - Universe City
4/14 Independence, KS - The Booth Hotel w/ Hello Shark
4/15 Denver, CO - Blastomat
4/16 Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis w/ Night of Joy, Fissure Mystic
4/17 Las Cruces, NM - Equinox w/ Alister M(‘sRecord Release Show!)
4/19 San Diego, CA - Tin Can Ale House
4/21 Oakland, CA - WE Art Space
4/22 Sacramento, CA - In-studio performance at Capital Public Radio (NPR)
4/23 Arcata, CA - Kelley’s House
4/25 Olympia, WA - Garden of Sweden
4/26 Missoula, MT - ZACC
4/27 Bismarck, ND - Lightning Sky Productions
4/28 Minneapolis, MN - The Sauce w/ Poor Weather Club
4/29 Beloit, WI - House Show!
4/30 Chicago, IL - The Bakery w/ Hermit Thrushes, Larkin Grimm, David Lineal
5/1 Oberlin, OH - House Show!
5/6 New York, NY - Silent Barn w/ Bad Teeth, Noah Britton, Dinosaur Feathers

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